Thursday, June 23, 2016

Day 8 - Travel Day 1

I left my house at 8:15 this morning, but not before taking some pictures. It started out as a beautiful day. 
Seriously. Gorgeous. 
I took some time to play with Milly. 

I said my goodbyes, walked to docks while feeding stray dogs along the way. I made the 9:00 am boat to Panajachel, which arrived around 9:45. Took some photos along the way. 

Many birds

That tree - so pretty.

After I arrived in Pana, I walked around, ate breakfast, went to friend's house at 11:15 to wait for 12:00 shuttle. Yes, I have a friend in Pana! Ha. We were in Antigua by 2:30, caught the shuttle to Guat City at 3:00. I arrived to my hostel by 5 - I was the last stop. 
Within 10 minutes of arriving, I was having a microbrew on the Terrace in the rain with Christian from Montreal. Seriously, solo travel is the best - the people you meet, the stories you learn. 
My shuttle rides were both interesting, too. I bought a bracelet from a girl from Kansas City whose jewelry making has helped finance her trip. I visited with people from Vancouver, the Netherlands, and Ireland. My 2nd shuttle involved interesting conversation about area NGOs and politics with Patty (the Pana friend and one of the founders of the Mayan Families NGO) and a lady from the Virgin Islands. 
People on the shuttle agreed - solo travel makes you more open to possibilities, to talking to strangers, to going with the flow and being open to new possibilities. Being. Be. That word. Again.

Tomorrow is travel day 2. Flight at 6 am to Mexico City. 8 hour layover. Dallas at 9:15 pm.
Camp Esperanza orientation Saturday 8-4. Party at 5, then evening at friend's house (Tish-friend since kindergarten!). Home on Sunday. 
Probably a final wrap up post and the food post are all that remain - until the next trip, which is already brewing in my mind. 


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    1. Nice! So pretty and the ones I saw were so perfectly shaped.

  2. Safe travels, pics were out of this world as usual.