Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 5 - Explore

My early morning view. I found it hard to leave but I finally did if only to seek out coffee. 

I am currently in San Pedro la Laguna, a short boat ride across the lake. I have been walking around aimlessly but am resting in a small park. 

I've seen many more Mayan people here. I have noticed a lack of dental care among many, even children. It makes me sad though I know that is one thing the Mayan Families NGO tries to help. We often hear in the US how success/wealth is dependent on how hard you work. If you want more, work harder. When you come to a place like this, it's difficult not to think so much is luck. I think I said that last time I was in Costa Rica. Did the young Mayan mother with rotting teeth and three daughters under the age of five just not work hard enough to get good dental care? ๐Ÿ™„ In some ways, I suspect she's worked much harder than I ever have. Outcomes are so much more than how hard you work. That is such a simplistic way of acknowledging the ways of the world. 
I suspect the poverty and outcomes are much worse in rural areas not fed by the fruits of tourism from people like me, who really have so much. Hence the reason for the rush of children from here  and Mexico to our borders. I can't imagine what mothers must feel when they send their children unaccompanied on such a journey, but to just hope for a better chance, a luckier draw at life. Agonizing. Heartbreaking. I really can't imagine...nor can I blame them. 

Anyhow, here are some phone pictures. 
Tuk tuk in San Pedro

Solar clothes dryer

Me up above the village, full tourist attire (backpack, camera).

Where I decided to turn around. ๐Ÿ˜‚

So I attempted to go here for lunch. Empanadas! Salad! Soup! On the lake. I walked up...silence. Kitchen light was off. Side office door cracked. Strong smell of pot coming from within. So, I left. But I did take a deep breath first. Kidding! Sort of. Not really. Yes, I am. Maybe. 

Pics from my camera-
Above San Pedro. Yes, I walked. 

Where I sit at night when it's raining.

If doors were the subject in Antigua, narrow paths/sidewalks/alleys were the subject in San Pedro. 

For future reference. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Back in San Marcos - cats on a hot tin roof. See them? 

San Pedro

Another walkway 

Sweet dog 

On the walkway to the docks in San Marcos, you pass a school which is on the other side of this arbor. 

The doll stood out to me here. :)

San Pedro 

I'll need to text friend Shannon for the bird ID but it sort of looks like a parakeet?

Ok maybe not. It's not the same bird but they were all together. 

Laundry. The colors caught my attention. 

Riding the boat back to San Marcos. The waters were very calm. I was questioning going back so early but a short time later they were really choppy so I was glad I was on the shore having a Michelada. 

You don't take pictures of locals without permission. Sometimes they want money. This sweetie was interested in my camera. Her mom was ok with this. In exchange, she got one of the lychee fruit I had just purchased. 

Doing laundry in the lake. Super zoom. 

Another colorful pathway and laundry.
In one of the many tiendas, this girl's brother asked me to take her picture. She was embarrassed but obliged. She is in the traditional Mayan dress.

From the docks of San Marcos

I liked the way the light was hitting these flowers up above the walkway. 

Tomorrow is a sunrise hike to Indian Nose. I am leaving here at 3:30, which given the jungle I walk thru between here and town, including the steps, should be interesting. ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฑ I think Carmolito, the guardian here at the property, may have offered to walk me down. I'm not sure. Just when I think I am comprehending more Spanish...I walk away from his quarters and think, "Uh oh. Did I just turn down an offer of not walking alone in the dark amongst who knows what?" I am resisting the urge to google poisonous snakes of Guatemala because sometimes you are better off not knowing. I did see one (or two?) small ones on the walk home, which was just after dark. Two men pointed them out. One was dead and the other was wiggling around and they let it be. It may have an earthworm of some sort. Neither were like any worm or snake I have seen. And it was dark. Anyhow. The hike. We meet at 4:10. We take a boat across the lake, a tuk tuk to another village, a ride up somehow to the top, take a short hike, and watch the sunrise over the lake. So far it hasn't rained today, just thunder and lightning and a few sprinkles. I hope the morning is clear. Oh wait - now it's raining. Anyhow, we will be back by 8:30 am so I will have time to visit another village tomorrow. I love just walking around and seeing - so much seeing. And thinking. More on that tomorrow. 


  1. From the amount of laundry you ran across, very clean people. Loving the pics.

  2. Lesser Goldfinches, female & male;)