Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 7 - Wrapping Up

I finally made it up and out of mi casa! I am currently in Santiago waiting for lunch to be cooked for me. It's my first meal since Monday evening, about 44 hours. Wish me luck. 😳 
My first thoughts upon walking up from the docks was annoyance. Several tuk tuk drivers accosted me, wanting me to buy their tour. I said no gracias. One kept on and walked with me for about 2 blocks before giving up. His price went from 65Q to 20Q. He was annoyed because that was cheap and I could not comminicate that I did not care. I want to walk. I do hope I can find Maximón on my own. It's a chance I'll take. He's an evil character/Saint, depending on who you ask, but i am also beginning to think he's an evil tourist trap that in which I do not want to partake. I will barely have time to find him before catching the 3:30 boat back to San Pedro and then another boat back to San Marcos. (ETA: I did not find Maximón, but here is more info for those interested: This isn't how I planned to spend my last non-travel day, but it is what it is. I am not complaining. I spent the morning reading in the hammock, playing with Milly, and otherwise relaxing. Nothing to complain about there! 

And then on the boat ride - choppy waters today. 

In San Marcos, the walkway to the docks. 

Back on the boat, waiting to leave for San Pedro. In general, I did not like Santiago. From getting off the boat back until I returned to the docks, I felt like I was constantly being hounded to buy things. "No gracias" was usually not strong enough. The only exception was a few blocks where I was away from anything touristy and the only white person in sight. There, I think I was met with curious amusement. I passed a basketball court and grabbed a lose ball. I asked if I could shoot and noticed a small audience watching. Unfortunately, I've lost my touch. 😂😊🏀⛹🏻 A young man with Down Syndrome ran out and took a few shots too. I think that made his day. I said thank you and moved on my way.
Even while waiting for the boat to take off, peddlers were on the dock trying to sell things. People did not seem as friendly, either. Well, unless you count the drunk old man who shook my hand and rattled off I don't know what. He had one tooth and I could not quit staring at it. I said gracias, went on my way, but he caught up with me when I stopped for photos. He shook my hand again. I said buenos tardes and took off quickly. I had seen enough of that tooth. 
Some pictures from the day: 
Veggies on the walkway to the docks - San Marcos 

Another pathway 

La Iglesia - St James the Apostle 

She saw me taking a picture and wanted one taken of her - for 2Q (.26 cents)

She only got 1Q - that's all I had left. She was ok with that. 

I was at the top of the steps taking a picture. This lady shoved my leg. I was in her way. Oops. 

Traditional Mayan attire. I typically didn't see young boys dressed this way. 

Oh Shannon?? :) 

Top of the church 

Another alleyway with interesting lighting and textures.

And then came a ball.
Followed by a boy.
Pros and cons of only bringing a backpack with me? No room for some of the beautiful handmade items. Yes, this is a pro and a con.

Adios, Santiago. 

Clouds in the background. Taken from the boat - wish I could have composed it better. 

Approaching San Pedro, before I had to jog a mile to the other dock to catch my boat. Made it by 2 min!

More laundry 

He wanted his photo taken. 
And then brother did as we were rushing for our boat. 

And then oldest brother pulled a chicken out of his backpack. I asked if it was for dinner (in Spanish) but his mom didn't say. I think it's too small... 
The family 

Tomorrow, I leave here around 8 to go catch a boat to Panajachel. I may wander around a bit and then will meet at Patty's place to wait for the shuttle. She said they usually come to her first which will guarantee a front seat! It's the little things. We go to Antigua and then leave there at 3. I should be at my hostel in Guatemala City by 4:30 or so. I am staying h by the airport; they will shuttle me there at 4 am for a 6 am flight. If all is on time, k expect to go play on Mexico Coty a bit before flying back to Dallas. 
Adios for now! 


  1. Love the colors. I don't think I like you there alone. I would have been scared to death. Love the colors in the pics. Glad you are better. Just needed a couple of practice shots. Be careful. Love you

    1. I've encountered so many people traveling alone. It's all good! Love ya too!

  2. I think it is just a female house sparrow:(

  3. Finally getting into my google account! Sorry for the delayed response. Love all the details and beautiful photos. I feel like I got to experience Guatemala from your eyes. Can't wait to hear more. ❤️ Ya!