Friday, June 7, 2013

Small Victories and Saying Good-Bye

Thursday, June 6, 2013

OK, on a light note, the first victory is that I have not accidentally flushed toilet paper down the toilet and flooded the house. Hallelujah.

The next small victory is I have been able to have some small conversations with my tico family this evening. However, I am sad that this evening was the last time to be with all of them before I go on the next part of this trip. I am frustrated that my Spanish is not good enough to have a normal conversation with them—there is so much I would like to ask and say and converse about. So maybe this means I just need to practice my Spanish, get better, and come back one day to continue with the conversations I have started in my head but am not yet able to complete?

This family is full of love and laughter—and finally I am pretty sure they are not laughing at me. J I understood my Tico father when he told me to always remember I have a Tico family in Costa Rica. No, I did not cry. Yet. I almost did when Victor, the 18-year-old twin to Victoria, told me bye, as he will be leaving early in the morning for work, and I likely won’t see him again. It is hard wanting to say so much more than “mucho gracias” but not having the adequate words to do so. I do have something written down from my teacher, but somehow standing there reading from a notebook seems like it would be less sincere, and there is no hope for memorizing it by the morning. So hopefully my hugs and my eyes will tell the rest of the story—I so appreciate this family welcoming me into their home with open arms, cooking for me, walking me to the meeting place and waiting with me that first day, doing my laundry, letting my help with the dishes, trying to include me in conversation, as well as trying to help me learn Spanish. Even that does not seem like enough words to express my appreciation.

 Genesis and I when our group visited her school. I'll post about this later. 

Last night after dinner in the living room. Genesis was already asleep. 
Victoria, Angelica (she is married and lives next door), Victor, me, Papa Alfonzo, Mama Rosa, and in front oldest brother Alonzo.  Yes, I am the tallest but I am standing in a low spot. 

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