Sunday, June 2, 2013

Friday Friday Friday!

Day 7
May 31, 2013

It’s Friday! I left a week ago today, so this journey is now 25% over. That’s hard to believe. However, if the tiredness I feel in my bones is in anyway related to the magnitude of this experience thus far, I would say the trip has been all I expected it to be.

I am communicating a little bit more with my host family, but it is still difficult. After the four hours of Spanish class in the afternoon, I am pretty much brain dead when I arrive home. The words are in my head, but the effort it takes to listen in Spanish, translate to English, consider and develop a response, and then translate back to Spanish is usually just too much. For example, I did the last of the dishes after dinner. My host mom said, “Gracias.” The proper response is one I have known (and remembered) since high school. That is, until today. I just stared at her blankly. For the record, “Thank you” is “De nada.” See, I do know this, but not after a long week of cramming Spanish into my already overloaded brain. Talk about frustrating!

Today, I walked down to a butterfly garden. I also learned about some of the amazing insects here in Costa Rica.

And with that, my brain is done for the night. It is after 10:00 here and I am spent.

Pura Vida! 

Owl Butterfly

Postman Butterfly
So named because everyday he follows the same routine, going to the same leaves or flowers in the same order

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