Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Day After Christmas ...

Oh the sounds are so much different here. No traffic, but the winds blow and the palms rub the sides and top of the house. The geckos chirp at night, probably hunting their dinner. Yes. They are inside my habitat, along with their dinner. There is also a screeching bird that woke me up at daybreak. And then there are the howler monkeys who like to let everyone and everything know the sun is rising.

My screened in sitting area is lush with plants and surrounded by trees. I have a place to cook and a sink to clean dishes. I love it here so far. 

My hosts, Gabriela and Rick, are very kind and helpful. I sat and talked to them for thirty minutes after my morning walk/run. She gave me two passionfruit - oh my, they are so delicious, even if they look a bit weird. You only eat the inside somewhat slimy part. 

Today was another day of friendly people. I came to the beach around 7:15 for a short run and ended up also walking a bit. I met Luis, who offered me a drink of water. He also said muy bonito nombre. 

Later, I met another Douglas. He seemed a little sketchy, but why wouldn't he he want to talk to a random cute and friendly American (I left bitchy resting face in Oklahoma)? I think he told me he was a Spanish teacher but he may have been telling me he would just be my Spanish teacher. He talked, had me repeat, and then smiled and laughed. For all I know, I agreed to a date later or he is expecting me to show up at the Green Iguana, where he either owns, stays, or works. Last I saw of him, he was blowing me a kiss as I walked away.

I found  the estuary, where it wasn't crowded - I was actually alone, I swam and did some stretches in the shallow water - including pigeon pose! Afterwards, I finally made it to the Marriot resort, where I took a swim and relaxed a bit before going back to Lola's. I spent some time at another Pacific beachfront bar called Lola's earlier this year. The Costa Rican version is much more loud, busy, and pricy. And the namesake isn't quite as personable. 

Meet Lola.

Tonight i had dinner with the couple from the other cabin here - a traditional tico meal. They are from Austin and believe UT football is the worst thing to ever happen to Austin. 😊 It's always fun to meet new people on vacation, same ages, and like minded in many areas. 

I have been pondering my word of the year for 2016. As I laid on the beach (which ended up a nap), my mind was going over what I want my 2016 to be and how do I make it happen. This isn't a resolution per se, but just something described in one word to focus on in order to impact everything else in my life. This year's word was stretch - beyond comforts zones, physically, emotionally, etc. I have some ideas but will mull them over some more. I fully expect it to come to my while savoring this part of this beautiful country.

Today's mileage: 13.4 miles total. One and a half to 2 was running. My glutes might be feeling it in the morning! Tomorrow is a travel day to visit my Monteverde familia. They live elsewhere now so it will be an adventure to find them!
Some pictures from the day: 


Like a giant bouncing ball.

But then it's sinking ... 

And then it was gone. 

Traditional Costa Rican meal, casado. i couldn't eat all of it. 

A hermit crab party on our walk to dinner. The rock is lava rock on the beach.

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  1. I can hear the happiness in your writing!