Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lazy Day

Wow. Im tired for some reason. :) 

Yesterday, I didn't take my camera with me to the beach. Wouldn't you know, I saw three of the biggest iguanas I've ever seen on the walk there and back, plus a handful of others.
Later I walked part of the same route with my camera and of course no iguanas were to be seen. 

It made me wonder of how often we look for things that are likely there in front of us yet we do not see because we are busy, preoccupied, and/or just oblivious to what we don't want to or can't see. Similarly, there are those times we are not looking and then get blindsided, or in my case, bombarded with Iguanas! I will say that on my later search for them with the camera, I ended up seeing the monkeys in all their glory (heh). 

It just made me think. I'm always looking for that perfect photo. The time I'm not looking, I automatically see one when this iguana is sunning on a fence post in the most beautiful light. Would I have seen him if I were actually looking? Do I get so focused on looking for photos that I miss SEEING? 
does that make sense? It made more sense in my head, before I tried to write it out. Like I said, I'm tired. 

Another quote from my book somewhat along the same lines:
"...Small amounts of appreciation every day have helped me morph into a friendlier and kinder person. I'm not looking outward as much as I'm just being grateful for the things in life I normally would have overlooked. When I plug in my coffee maker and it doesn't catch on fire, I am generally in a better mood." (p. 123)
Sometimes, it's the little things, right? 

Here is a photo synthesis (ha) of my day. 

Walking towards the gate, I became distracted.

Love. This. Dog. 

The mangrove board walk. 
Some of the mangroves died out when the river head was blocked and fresh water wasn't able to circulate. It'll take years and years to grow back. 

A Flock of Seagulls (actually Pelicans, I think).

Low tide. I like this beach because of the natural shade.,

It's vacant ...

If you know me you know why I had to stop for this.

Playa Junquillal, about 6 miles away. 

Pano of same beach 

Back at Playa Avellanas after surfing.

I love watching the sunset.

Tomorrow is my last full day, 😔
I am having a traditional Tico breakfast with the couple I am renting from. I am just otherwise hanging out near or at the beach I traded in my surf board for a boogie board because I can barely move my arms over my head. Ouch. I also have a game to watch ... 

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