Monday, December 28, 2015

Tales From the Road ... And the Beach

Lago Arenal this morning.

You know how when you are cruising down the highway and you see a police or highway patrolman in your mirror?? Your heart skips a beat, even if you are not speeding. In my case, it skips a few beats when this happens in a foreign country. And then he passed me and all was well again.

That was nothing compared to being told to actually stop by a Costa Rican police. I was cruising along, probably speeding as I was headed back to the beach and not too far from my rental. I come over a small hill and a policeman was in the road motioning me to the side. Fortunately, he just checked my license, passport, asked for my destination, and sent me on my way. Whew. 

A short while later, I stopped to buy a Sandia (watermelon) at a roadside stand. I still struggle with Costa Rican currency (colones) so was struggling to comprehend. A young man walked up, said 200 and something else in Spanish. I handed the man 2 mil. Turns out the young man bought it for me. They laughed at my perplexed look as I walked away. I did thank him a couple times. He told me to have a nice day.   

Earlier, I stopped for a snow cone (with sweetened condensed milk, yum) and managed to have a conversation with a man works ng. I always wonder if I am saying what I think I am saying. Anyhow, this stop was by this bridge over the Gulf of Colorado. I couldn't see water from up where I climbed because of all the trees. I thought this was an interesting bit of information. 

I have more to say about my visit with me tico family, but it will have to wait until I'm not tired. I do know I always have a place to stay. One quick tidbit - their house was very small by our standards, but works perfectly for the, and they were all very happy living on their beautiful land overlooking the lake. There are five people. I thought there were only two bedrooms, but there must have been a back one I could not see. I slept in what must have been the girls' room (ages 9 and 20). There were two beds. One bed remained empty. The older girl must have slept in her parent's bed. The parents and 9 yo slept on a roll out full sized mattress in the living room. The furniture had to be moved to make room for it. Had I realized the arrangements, I would have slept on that mattress but I doubt they would have allowed it because I was their guest. 💕❤️ 

My day ended with surf lessons. I'm not quite a surfer chick (yet) but I can surf! I think many burpees before I return will make it easier next time. Yes, NEXT TIME. The whole going from laying to standing centered and in the right spot is not as easy as it looks. It was fun, anyway. My private lesson was over 1.5 hours. I will feel it tomorrow. My lesson was taught by Dan from Nova Scotia; he runs a surf shop/hostel like place called Casa Surf. Definitely money well spent. I think I will rent a board tomorrow and get some more time in the water with it. 

Final thought. I'm pondering what I can come here and do to make a living and still use some of my skills. I have ideas floating around in my head that center around a non-profit. More later. 

I will end with some pictures. 

Who needs an electronic alarm clock when you have one of these just outside?

Sharky belongs to the people I rent from. He's pretty awesome and likes to come check out my digs.

Part of my tico family. 
Victoria, Génisis, Rosa, Alfonzo, me. 
Victor had already left for work. 

Another living fence with the lake in the distant background.

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