Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Differences

Day 5
May 29, 2013

Costa Ricans go to bed early and are early to rise. For example, last night everyone went to bed around 9:00. The TV never came on. The time between dinner and bed was spent showing my pictures, drawing (Genesis), and cleaning the kitchen. Mi hermanos y hermanas appear to all love and appreciate each other—they tease, help, and generally get along. Genesis is the bebe of the family and is a sweet girl that the entire family adores. She is especially endearing when she puts the chile spice (finer than crushed red pepper, but just as potent) on her food as her mama and I do, and then tries to pretend that it is not hot. She is a tough (stubborn) one.

I hear the family begin to wake up around 5. The roosters crow, the dogs bark, and the sun rises all around at this time. Papa tico is out the door by 6 if not sooner. He works in the factorica de queso, as does the oldest hermano. I plan on going there soon for what I hear is the best ice cream. Mi hermanas leave for school around 6:30. School starts at 7. When you go outside around 7, you see many kids walking to school, some with their parents, some without, some on motorcycles or four-wheelers. There are no bicycles, and the ones I have seen have been for adults. I imagine this is because of the hills here. The town/area is named Monteverde—green mountain. I expect to have buns and legs of steel after this two-week stay. The main hill from mi casa to the school is dirt/rock. I think superman would have difficulty riding a bike up it, and to go down it would be insane and surely a hospital visit would ensue.

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